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The aral sea is a huge shallow saline body of water located in the deserts of the southcentral soviet union figs 1 and 2a terminal lake having no outflow its secular level is determined by the balance between river and groundwater inflow and precipitation on its surface on the one hand and evaporation from the sea on the other.

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Table 1 presents the average lifetime cost of nonfatal cm per victim discounted at 3 we estimated the average lifetime cost per victim of nonfatal cm to be 210012 in 2010 dollars the cost includes discounted present values of 32648 in childhood health care costs 10530 in adulthood medical costs 144360 in productivity losses 7728 in child welfare costs 6747 in criminal.

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Itcot consultancy and services ltd popularly known as itcot was incorporated as a company under the companies act 1956 on the 17 th july 1979 as a joint venture of leading financial institutions state development corporations and commercial banks the erstwhile name industrial and technical consultancy organisation of tamilnadu was changed on 4 th october 2004.

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twa flight 841 was a domestic scheduled passenger flight from john f kennedy international airport in new york city en route to minneapolissaint paul international airport in minneapolis minnesotaon april 4 1979 at or around 948 pm eastern standard time 0148 utc while flying over saginaw michigan the boeing 72731 airliner began a sharp uncommanded roll to the right and.

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planning building and environmental services document search consumer protection the user may find nonconfidential documents related to public swimming pools small public water systems food facilities restaurants food trucks bampbs labor camps and mobile home parks in the unincorporated county cupa the user may find unified program documents hazardous materials business plan.

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The bass pro shops nra night race is a monster energy nascar cup series stock car race held at bristol motor speedway in bristol tennesseeit is one of two nascar cup series races held at bristol the other being the food city 500 but it is by far the more popular of the twosince 1978 the race has been held in lateaugust typically on the last weekend of the month on a saturday night.

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Sources 1 ffolliot and thames 1983 2 doran et al 1983 as explained later in this chapter modern thinking has defined low mc low temperature and low oxygen pressure as the three most important constituents of the storage conditions which man should provide to maximize seed longevity in.

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Here we present the largest collection of felling dates so far from historical construction timbers from much of western and central europe fig 1a primarily the german and frenchspeaking parts of the former holy roman empire of the german nationcomprised of 49 640 entries this dataset is the product of decades of dendrochronological dating work in austria belgium the czech republic.

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